As a digitally-centric marcomms agency, we’re here to bring our contribution to the ever-changing nature of the 21st century integrated communication paradigm on a European level by incorporating innovation in all of our projects. We’re strong believers in digital – after all, we’ve started off as a software development studio 13 years ago – and we advocate for the precedence of the online realm over any other medium in any-and-all of our communication campaigns. We’re driven NOT by words and promises, but rather by real-world quantifiable results via metrics. We’re here to help our clients sell their products and services – and NOT for the mere sake of winning industry awards for pushing beautifully-crafted-yet-unsubstantiated marketing claims to consumers. Ideologiq sells! That’s why clients come to us and that’s why they stick together for the long run.


Ideologiq designs and delivers marketing communication solutions which span the entire gamut of the available media mix: from online to offline campaigns, from BTL activations to ATL communication, from identity generation to AV media production, from UI/UX design to full-blown software development, from marcomms classes and courses to major turnkey corporate digitalization projects – the whole kaboodle! We take great pride in our proprietary internal processes which are aided by custom-designed software solutions to deliver measurable results as well as in our team of senior specialists over their respective areas of expertise.


Here at Ideologiq, we rely on strategic outsights to kick-off the ideation process for any project that we’re tackling. From there onwards, we’re delving into the depths of the issue that is to be addressed in order to reach that one meaningfully relevant insight upon which the final creative materials shall be based. Thus, we're capitalizing upon our ability to deal with prospective project outcomes via a client perspective, all the while relying on industry-specific as well as our own proprietary tools and processes to get the job done – always keeping client needs and envisaged outcomes into the back of our brains.